About Us

Baby Butt Smooth   Adjective - A completely smooth shave. Rubbing with the fingertips cannot detect any sort of stubble. No razor burn, cuts, nicks, or irritation. A perfect shave.

Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, Baby Butt Smooth Shave Co. was founded in 2014 with the primary goal of spreading the experience of wet shaving to all who suffer from disposable and cartridge razors.

Like many others, I hated shaving.  Growing up using cartridge razors, the experience was dull, tedious, expensive, and often times downright painful.  I was miserable. That is until 2009 when I bought my first traditional safety razor based on the recommendations listed on Reddit's /r/wicked_edge subreddit .  Since then, my morning ritual of shaving has grown into an obsession and I've come to share this hobby with friends and family by gifting them beginner wet shave kits.  Their adoption and appreciation of these gifts is what drove me to begin providing the same kits I've bought for my loved ones to the general public.

The items included in these kits have changed over time as I've discovered better and more cost effective products.  I always strive to offer the best of the best for the new members of this hobby. Join me in spreading the pleasure that is traditional wet shaving and get you first kit today!